A mobility routine everyone can benefit from

While there isn't a one size fits all mobility program out there, I do find that I am consistently prescribing a handful of the same exercises to my patients. This is a quick and easy mobility circuit which is designed to hit key areas. I would suggest that you do this circuit in the order laid out here as each one builds off the other. For maximum benefit this should be done before a general strength training program. 


90/90 breathing

The purpose here is to relax some of the lower back muscles. This position plus the breathing is effective for reducing lower back tension.


Cobra press ups

Think of this as reverse posturing. Many of us sit for long periods of time during the day, train in flexed positions, and never expose our spines to the opposite end range of motion. While it may feel a little stiff in your back at first, stick with it, you will find it opens up over time. 


90/90 hip stretch

Maintaining supple and mobile hips is often a key to healthy joints above and below the hips. A key to this is to use the glutes while in the deep stretching position.


Prayer stretch

Your upper back and shoulders are intimately connected in their function. You will find this stretch will effectively hit both areas. Also, this would be another reverse posturing position. 


Spiderman Stretch

The hips are SO important they get 2 exercises! This one targets the groin and hip flexors as well as the ankles and toes. Great all in one stretch. 



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